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We are a few days into the New Year and many people will be using this time of year to start a new detox period. I want to take this answer a question that I often see around the web, and put out a safety warning at the same time. In the book, Burroughs recommends doing

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As I write this we are just a few days away from saying goodbye to 2015 and welcoming a brand new year! Like many of you I’m sure, around this time of year I always take some time to reflect on the year gone by and think about what I want for the coming year.

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When I first heard the name ‘lemonade diet’ I thought it had to be one of the most ridiculous diets I’d ever heard of! Lemonade? Isn’t that just a fizzy soda drink that’s bad for your teeth? I initially dismissed it, not even bothering to find out what it was all about. I’d heard of a

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Jared Leto is an American actor who is not afraid to dramatically change his body for a movie role. When he needs to lose a lot of weight very quickly he likes to use the lemonade diet, part of the Master Cleanse. Back in 1999 you may remember Jared playing the character ‘Angel Face’ in

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Unfortunately, this question gets asked a lot. Why is that unfortunate? Well because I believe that people use the Master Cleanse in the wrong way; they use it for losing weight quickly, which is certainly possible, but it is designed as a cleanse to heal your digestive system and purge toxins. The weight loss is

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The Lemonade Diet Is Not What you think

You may think that the idea of a lemonade diet sounds quite weird, especially if you are thinking of the shop bought style of lemonade that is simply a glucose derived drink that obviously is not healthy!

The lemonade in question isn't the stuff you purchase from the shops. It's a mixture you prepare yourself and it is only called lemonade for convenience. Also, the phrase diet is actually somewhat confusing as it is in fact a detox. Think of any weight loss as a bonus.
How did it start off?

A few years ago Beyonce dropped 20lbs on the lemonade diet and this really made it gain a great deal of popularity. However, this diet program is actually extremely old.

In 1974, a man called Stanley Burroughs produced a book named 'The Master Cleanser' which explained this system. He 'd used it to heal a prolonged stomach ulcer that the doctors had been unable to help him with.

This book detailed a short-term detox program that lasts just a few days and is intended to clean out your digestive system, cleanse the colon by eliminating waste matter, and eliminate toxins from the body.

How does this work?

You kick off with an ease in phase where you gradually decrease your ingestion of food and especially, the addictive and toxic substances such as caffeine, sugar and nicotine.

After the ease-in you enter the main detox period and this is where the lemonade comes in. You create a drink which is made with cayenne pepper powder, filtered water, lemon juice and lastly maple syrup and you consume a minimum of 8 glasses of that during the day but you do not consume any food.

The beverage supplies you with sufficient calories (from the maple syrup) and lots of health benefits from the lemon and cayenne but it is really gentle on your digestive system which enables it to take a break and purge toxins. Your digestive system has a chance to rest and catch up by not having to handle new food being ingested.

Additionally, throughout this detox you do a salt water flush in the morning which assists elimination and you also have a laxative tea at night. The tea and the flush collaborate to promote 'pooping' which is what flushes the accumulated waste from the colon.

What can the lemon water cleanse do for you?

The main benefit is to your health. It is feasible to have anywhere up to 20lbs of waste matter accumulated in your colon over many years! You can prevent and eliminate many harmful conditions and ailments by cleaning out your colon of all the waste matter.

Remember that Burroughs healed himself of his stomach ulcer in merely ten days after the doctors couldn't help him. Doing his master cleanse eradicated it in only ten days.

Some weight reduction can be expected as the waste material is heavy and shedding it will make you lighter. Of course the volume of waste which is stored in your body will ascertain just how much weight you can lose. Not having any food at all for as much as 10 days is really a drastic thing to do and if all you are wanting to do is lose some body weight, then there might be better ways to tackle it. But the master cleanse isn't made with fat loss being the foremost goal. Sure you will certainly experience some weight-loss but that is due to the fact that all the waste matter (poop!) that has built up in your colon for several years or maybe even decades will finally be flushed out!

Other benefits include having more energy, clearer skin and just feeling better and more healthy generally.

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